Unfortunately, despite many schools having great intimate health knowledge, these classes are definately not comprehensive and very typically ignore the intimate wellness of (cis) women who sleep with other (cis) women.

Left to know about sexual health on their own, normally, there could be a few things that are unclear, unfamiliar or forgotten, very, because of this blog post, we list some extremely important matters that lesbian and bisexual ladies need to know about sexual health.

1. Lesbian and Bi ladies are perhaps not resistant from STIs

One usual mistaken belief is the fact that lesbian and bisexual ladies cannot get STIs (intimately transmitted attacks) through asleep with ladies. However, even though the risk is actually dramatically below for women just who sleep with men, STI sign is actually possible. This might happen with sexual acts that include any epidermis to skin get in touch with, contact with bodily fluids, or even the posting of adult sex toys – no matter the gender/sex of those involved.

2. Few Lesbian and Bi Girls Use Dental Dams

Possibly it is because with this mistaken belief (that ladies who sleep together with other ladies cannot contract STIs) your using dental care dams (an exudate square which can prevent the indication of STIs during dental intercourse) is amazingly low. In a job interview with
, gender counselor Dr. Madeleine M. Castellanos revealed that “less than 10per cent of females make use of them anyway, with just a fraction of them using dams frequently”.

3. Condoms Could Be Turned Into Dental Dams

For people who perform want to make use of dental care dams maintain by themselves protected during oral intercourse, subsequently in then lack of a real dental dam, condoms is generally turned into dental care dams alternatively. Details of
how-to to turn a condom into a dental dam are available from the sex and U website

4. Numerous Bisexual Women Never Inform Their Health Practitioners Their Sex

Per a
Scottish Equality Network survey
of 513 bisexual folks in the UK, 28percent of those interviewed asserted that they would never feel comfortable informing their unique medical practioners of their sex and 66percent believed pressure to take and pass because straight. A further 42percent men and women passed as gay or lesbian their doctors versus bisexual.

Even though this is clear, it is rather very important to medical practioners to know a customers sex to make precise treatment tips and diagnoses.

5. Lesbian and Bi girls Should Nevertheless Get proven (despite Monogamous connections)

As noted by
, women that come in a monogamous union with each other shouldn’t quickly stop exercising safe sex â€“ no matter if they are analyzed. As it can get between three and six months for HIV brings about keep coming back good, it really is recommended you go back to get analyzed again half a year to the connections.

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